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Volume 5 Issue 4, — Issue 3, — Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 4, 2 issues. Volume 4 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 3, 2 issues.

String topology coproduct: geometric and algebraic aspects - Manuel Rivera

Volume 3 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 2, 2 issues. Volume 2 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 1, 2 issues. Volume 1 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Recent Issues. The Journal. Editorial Board. Editorial Interests.

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Editorial Procedure. Submission Guidelines. Ethics Statement. Rational homology cobordisms of plumbed 3-manifolds Paolo Aceto. Algebraic filling inequalities and cohomological width Meru Alagalingam. Upsilon type concordance invariants Antonio Alfieri. Using secondary Upsilon invariants to rule out stable equivalence of knot complexes Samantha Allen.

Symmetric homotopy theory for operads Malte Dehling, Bruno Vallette. A new non-arithmetic lattice in PU 3,1 Martin Deraux. An upper bound on the LS-category in presence of the fundamental group Alexander N. Naturality of the contact invariant in monopole floer homology under strong symplectic cobordisms Mariano Echeverria. Roller boundaries for median spaces and algebras Elia Fioravanti. Contracting isometries of CAT 0 cube complexes and acylindrical hyperbolicity of diagram groups Anthony Genevois.

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Topological properties of spaces admitting a coaxial homeomorphism Ross Geoghegan, Craig R. Guilbault, Michael Mihalik. Mapping class groups of covers with boundary and braid group embeddings Tyrone Ghaswala, Alan McLeay. Twisted differential generalized cohomology theories and their Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence Daniel Grady, Hisham Sati. On rational homological stability for block automorphisms of connected sums of products of spheres Matthias Grey.

Algebraic laminations for free products and arational trees Vincent Guirardel, Camille Horbez. Local cut points and splittings of relatively hyperbolic groups Matthew Haulmark. On equivariant and motivic slices Drew Heard. Quasi-right-veering braids and non-loose links Tetsuya Ito, Keiko Kawamuro. Kazez, Rachel Roberts.

Ropelength, crossing number and finite type invariants of links Rafal Komendarczyk, Andreas Michaelides.

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Adem UBC R. V P Loading Bagpipes: History, Repertoire and Performance. Categories and orbispaces Stefan Schwede. Economic and Social History. Job title:.

Trisections, intersection forms and the Torelli group Peter Lambert-Cole. On Kauffman bracket skein modules of marked 3-manifolds and the Chebyshev-Frobenius homomorphism Thang T.

Applied, Algebraic and Geometric Topology: 2014-2018

Distance one lens space fillings and band surgery on the trefoil knot Tye Lidman, Allison H. Moore, Mariel Vazquez. On the genus defect of positive braid knots Livio Liechti. Four genera of links and Heegaard Floer homology Beibei Liu. On spectral sequences from Khovanov homology. Andrew Lobb, Raphael Zentner.

Treewidth, crushing and hyperbolic volume Clement Maria, Jessica S. The universality of the Rezk nerve Aaron Mazel-Gee. Splitting formulas for the rational lift of the Kontsevich integral Delphine Moussard. Volume 8, 4 issues. Volume 8 Issue 4, — Issue 3, — Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 7, 4 issues. Volume 7 Issue 4, — Issue 3, — Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 6, 5 issues. Volume 5, 4 issues.

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Volume 5 Issue 4, — Issue 3, — Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 4, 2 issues. Volume 4 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 3, 2 issues. Volume 3 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 2, 2 issues. Volume 2 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Volume 1, 2 issues.

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Volume 1 Issue 2, — Issue 1, 1— Papers must be submitted using the submission page. You will need to choose a suitable editor from the list of editors' interests and to supply MSC codes. The normal language used by the journal is English. Articles written in other languages are acceptable, provided your chosen editor is comfortable with the language and you supply an additional English version of the abstract.

AGT maintains very strict standards, leading the editors to be highly selective. Longer articles will held to a proportionally higher standard.

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Once accepted for publication, the paper must be supplied in LaTeX, preferably using the journal's class file. This allows us to deposit the DOI of the published version on the paper's arXiv page. References Bibliographical references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper.

All references in the bibliography should be cited at least once in the text. Use of BibTeX is preferred but not required. Any bibliographical citation style may be used, but will be converted to the house style see a current issue for examples. Figures Figures, whether prepared electronically or hand-drawn, must be of publication quality.

Fuzzy or sloppily drawn figures will not be accepted. For labeling figure elements consider the pinlabel LaTeX package, but other methods are fine if the result is editable. If you're not sure whether your figures are acceptable, check with production by sending an email to: graphics msp. Failure to acknowledge the receipt of proofs or to return corrections within the requested deadline may cause publication to be postponed.