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See All. Hot This Week. Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Cold Steel Finn Wolf 3.


Cold Steel Bush Ranger 3. Cold Steel Recon 1 5. Make Offer - Cold Steel Recon 1 5. Cold Steel Hunting Knives and Tools Whether you are looking for a knife, a sword, or a pole axe, you can find it in the Cold Steel catalogue.

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What types of knives does Cold Steel produce? Cold Steel produces the following types of knives: Fixed blades: These include everything from paring knives for cooking to hunting and skinning knives for hunting.

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Daggers, push daggers, stilettos, and survival knives are also available from Cold Steel. Folding knives: This category includes small, handy pocket knives and tough tactical knives. Depending on the use you are planning on giving them, folding knives can have serrated or straight edges.

Throwing knives: If you are a beginner to the sport of knife throwing, you may choose a very basic model. Experienced throwers can move up to varieties that have Roman points, Bowie points, and other specialized features. Throwing stars and boomerangs are also available.

What does Cold Steel make besides knives? Swords: They are handmade from high-carbon steel.

Many of them are replicas of historical styles. Machetes: You can choose from more than 30 styles of machetes. Some have sharpened edges while others have utility edges.

A few are serrated along the upper edge. Axes and tomahawks: Cold Steel also makes basic axes for outdoor work, pole axes, and halberds.

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A range of lengths and styles cover the bases for this type of tool. Training knives, spears, and sticks: Blunt knives, spears, fighting sticks, and walking sticks are all available.

You can also find small tactical shovels, baseball bats, and bright green rubber handguns for training. What steel variables does this company use? The types may vary with regard to the following characteristics: Ability to hold an edge. Ability to be sharpened to a razor-sharp edge.

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Corrosion resistance and stain resistance. Chip resistance and impact resistance.

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Seller will give you a gift certificate in the amount of 6, RUB for a positive review of the product purchased. Product knives company "Cold Steel" in in English. Format - pdf. Pages - Size - 21 mb. After payment you will see the product page. When buying necessarily!

Please include your valid e-mail. It has a blade of The length of the handle is It adds a double polished mirror pocket. Laredo Bowie: It has a long and heavy blade, made in Steel Carbon V, that offers perfect cut and balance.

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Cold Steel Inc. is a knife and tool company dedicated to creating the world's strongest, sharpest, knives, swords, tomahawks, machetes, cutlery, tools for every . Catalog Request. Catalogs are shipped in bulk from the printer. Please allow weeks to receive your catalog. Catalogs are sent free ONLY to residents of the.

The edge is extremely slim and permits the maximum precision. The blade, black, polished of Micarta, is as resistant as beautiful. It adapts itself for the hand to give the best holding in the cut. The total length of the knife is The knife Laredo Bowie has brass rivets to avoid breaking the handle. Furthermore, it includes a magnificent leather sheath to keep the knife.