Masculinity and Power in Irish Nationalism, 1884-1938

The Shamrock and Star of David: Irish and Jewish Nationalisms
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And later works have echoed her, to the point that the trope of Pearse-as-Paedophile is now standard fare among Irish historians. Such tabloid innuendos, though, ignore a central truth about Irish nationalists in the early years of the twentieth century: masculinity mattered for them. Not in the sense of private peccadilloes, but as a key part of their public ideology.

It allowed them to analyse that British rule as an effeminising influence on Irish men. And it allowed them to attack opponents, such as the Irish Parliamentary Party, as unmanly traitors.

The Shamrock and Star of David: Irish and Jewish Nationalisms

The heavy emphasis on masculinity also does much to explain how and why women and leftists were systematically frustrated in their efforts to influence the national movement; imagining the nation as a male fraternity was a convenient way to dismiss feminism or socialism as divisive ideologies that pitted brother against brother.

For Pearse, Irish men had been emasculated by British colonialism and by the slow parallel process of Anglicisation. A recurring theme in Gaelic League publications was that the Irish, by abandoning their native language, had become de cient and deformed and no longer real men. The movement to revive the Irish language was thus imagined as a process of reasserting a purified male power and was often associated with a recovery of sovereignty and strength. Volume A idan B eatty.

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United Ireland: How Nationalists and Unionists Fought Together in Flanders

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This book is a comparative study of masculinity and white racial identity in Irish nationalism and Zionism. Drawing on English-, Irish-, and Hebrew-language archival sources, Aidan Beatty traces how male Irish nationalists sought to remake themselves as a proudly Gaelic-speaking. In May the Eighth Amendment to the Irish constitution was repealed, and its revocation restored reproductive choice for female citizens.

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The Time and Space of Gendered Nationalism

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