On-chip High-Voltage Generator Design: Design Methodology for Charge Pumps

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What is claimed is: 1. Charge pump apparatus for generating an output voltage supply within a circuit, comprising: a a transfer capacitor;. USB2 en. EPB1 en. JPB2 en. WOA2 en.

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Multi-stage charge pump circuit operating to simultaneously generate both a positive voltage and a negative voltage. Signal amplifying circuit, an optical receiving circuit, an optical module and a data exchange system. Dual-loop voltage regulator architecture with high DC accuracy and fast response time. Apparatus and system to suppress analog front end noise introduced by charge-pump.

Control signal generating circuit, a charge pump driving circuit, clock driver, a driving method of a charge pump. USB1 en. Voltage quadrupler comprising a second charging capacitor charged using a first charging capacitor. USA1 en. KRA en. Direct current power converters employing digital techniques used in electronic timekeeping apparatus. ITB en. USA en. JPSU en. DEC2 en. Depletion-mode FET for the regulation of the on-chip generated substrate bias voltage. Integrated circuit dual polarity high voltage multiplier for extended operating temperature range. DED1 en.

JPHB2 en. JPHY2 en. On chip multiple voltage generation using a charge pump and plural feedback sense circuits. GBA en.

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JPHA en. Detector and integrated circuit device including charge pump circuits for high load conditions. Data processing system having four phase clocks generated separately on each processor chip. Constant voltage generator for a semiconductor device having cascaded charging or discharging. NLA en.

FRB1 en. A voltage booster circuit of the charge pump type with bootstrapped oscillator.

Low consumption, low noise charge pump circuit and frequency synthesizer equipped with such a circuit. The nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a boost circuit and a boost circuit.

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Method and apparatus for controlling the output current provided by a charge pump circuit. Apparatus and method for high performance wide-band power amplifier monolithic microwave integrated circuits. The semiconductor integrated circuit device and a flash memory and a nonvolatile memory device. Reverse link, transmit power correction and limitation in a radiotelephone system. Receiving circuit of the communication radio, a semiconductor integrated circuit device and a communication radio. Amplifier using a single polarity power supply and including depletion mode FET and negative voltage generator.

On Chip High Voltage Generator Design

Internal power supply voltage generation circuit, the internal voltage generation circuit and a semiconductor device. Clocking scheme and charge transfer switch for increasing the efficiency of a charge pump or other circuit.

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WOA1 en. High-frequency integrated circuit for high-frequency radio transmitter-receiver suppressed in influence of high-frequency power leakage. Oscillator for simultaneously generating multiple clock signals of different frequencies. Monolithic microwave integrated circuits for use in low-cost dual polarization phased-array antennas. Series-connected microwave power amplifiers with voltage feedback and method of operation for the same.

Electronic equipment including a display device and a display device including a power supply circuit, a power supply circuit. KRB1 en. DET2 en. Charge pump system having multiple independently activated charge pumps and corresponding method. Method and circuit for comparator-less generation of ramped voltage having controlled maximum amplitude. JPA en. System and method of frequency synthesis to avoid gaps and VCO pulling in direct broadcast satellite systems.

AUA en. TWB en. Voltage control oscillating circuit and phase synchronization loop circuit provided with the same. Cascaded charge pump power supply with different gate oxide thickness transistors. AUA1 en. High-frequency switch circuit and a communication terminal apparatus using the same. System and method for power control calibration and a wireless communication device.

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This book provides various design techniques for switched-capacitor on-chip high-voltage generators, including charge pump circuits, regulators, level shifters, . Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. This book describes high-voltage generator design On-chip High-Voltage Generator Design: Design Methodology for Charge Pumps (Analog Shows readers how to design charge pump circuits with lower voltage operation, higher power efficiency, and smaller circuit area;.

Method and apparatus for providing clock signals at different locations with minimal clock skew. Semiconductor structure with improved smaller forward voltage loss and higher blocking capability. Semiconductor device including power supply circuit conducting charge pumping operation. Oscillation circuit, step-up circuit, non-volatile memory device and semiconductor device.

Method and apparatus for a DC-DC charge pump voltage converter-regulator circuit. Semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming semiconductor constructions. DEB4 en. Signal generation device for a charge pump and provided therewith integrated circuit. Method and apparatus for signal power loss reduction in RF communication systems. ITMIA1 en. ITTOA1 en. EPA1 en.

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Charge pump circuit, passive buffer that employs the charge pump circuit, and pass gate that employs the charge pump circuit. High-performance low-noise charge-pump for voltage controlled oscillator applications. Charge pump circuit incorporating corresponding parallel charge pump stages and method therefor. Constant current circuit and charge pump circuit being utilized in ring oscillator. DEA1 en. Transistor arrangement for reducing noise, integrated circuit and methods for reducing the noise of field effect transistors.

EER modulator with power amplifier having feedback loop providing soft output impedance. Charge-pump type voltage-boosting device with reduced ripple, in particular for non-volatile flash memories. Device and methods for high isolation and interference suppression switch-filter. Circuit and method for controlling charge injection in radio frequency switches.