Problems of Moral Philosophy

Moral Philosophy and Politics
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Or investing the money and donating later? What are the highest leverage political policies? Libertarian paternalism? Prediction markets? Cruelty taxes, such as taxes on caged hens; luxury taxes?

What are the highest value areas of research? Tropical medicine?

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The Problem with Cognitive and Moral Psychology

Should we maximise expected value when it comes to small probabilities of huge amounts of value? If not, what should we do instead?

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How should we respond to the possibility of creating infinite value or disvalue? Should that consideration swamp all others? If not, why not? How should we respond to the possibility that the universe actually has infinite value? Or does this possibility refute aggregative consequentialism? How should we accommodate moral uncertainty?

3.2 Moral philosophy

Should we apply expected utility theory? If so, how do we make intertheoretic value comparisons? Does this mean that some high-stakes theories should dominate our moral thinking, even if we assign them low credence?

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Sarah Hutton ed. They would never take advantage of a presidential address in order to indict the organisation over which they are presiding. Easier and more discursive than others of Adorno's works. For example, eating one food too often makes a person lose a taste for it. Issues that may arise for the theories above, including: Hume's Fork and A J Ayer's verification principle Hume's argument that moral judgements are not beliefs since beliefs alone could not motivate us Hume's is-ought gap John Mackie's argument from relativity and his arguments from queerness.

How should intuitions weigh against theoretical virtues in normative ethics? What are the rights of children of divorce with respect to continuing, or discontinuing, the relationships with their parents?

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What are the moral rights of fostered children? Are there cases in which a requirement of parental consent or parental notification for medical procedures is justified? Submissions will undergo double-blind refereeing. User Account Log in Register Help.

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Theodor W. Adorno (), one of the leading social thinkers of the twentieth century, long concerned himself with the problems of moral philosophy, . Theodor W. Adorno (), one of the leading social thinkers of the twentieth century, long concerned himself with the problems of moral philosophy, or "whether the good life is a genuine possibility in the present." Here we can follow Adorno's thought in the process of.

Search Close Advanced Search Help. Editor-in-Chief: Schefczyk, Michael. Add to Cart. Online ISSN See all formats and pricing Online. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Volume 5 Issue 2 Oct , pp. Volume 4 Issue 2 Oct , pp. Volume 3 Issue 2 Nov , pp. Volume 2 Issue 2 Nov , pp. Volume 1 Issue 2 Oct , pp. Overview Aims and Scope Moral Philosophy and Politics MOPP is an international, peer-reviewed journal which invites the submission of original philosophical articles on issues of public relevance.

List of unsolved problems in philosophy

Online Submission of Manuscripts. How can we ensure that a digital nudge still qualifies as an instance of morally acceptable libertarian paternalism? When, if ever, are corporations justified to exhibit paternalistically motivated behavior? How should conflicts of interest between different paternalistic or non-paternalistic stakeholders be evaluated and resolved such as between corporations and states? What challenges does digital paternalism pose for civic education e.

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Ethics vs Morality (Philosophical Distinctions)

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