The New Transnationalism: Transnational Governance and Democratic Legitimacy

The New Transnationalism: Transnational Governance and Democratic Legitimacy
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Sarah Hardus is PhD candidate. She has conducted field research in Zambia, Ghana and Uganda.

Chapter 4: Autonomy accountability and democratic legitimacy

His interest are in the field of behavioral corporate governance. In his PhD he investigates the social dynamics in boardrooms educational institutions and the impact on the quality of governance. Keywords: Behavioral governance, educational governance, decision making, group dynamics, intragroup conflict, semi-public institutions. Contact details. In her research she traces the history of the Gross Domestic Product GDP indicator and tries to understand how developments in the Chinese and Indian political economy drive the changes in the measurement and use of GDP in these countries.

Thereby she links the construction of macroeconomic indicators to the politics around economic planning.

His work focuses on intergovernmental relations regarding social policy. Specifically he is interested in the fiscal division of labour between levels of government in multi-tiered welfare states. Her research focuses on development aid programs which target tax policy and administration in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Wouter Schakel is a PhD candidate. His research focuses on the relationship between socio-economic inequality and political representation, and in particular on the question whether and how this inequality undermines democracy in advanced economies.

The New Transnationalism : Transnational Governance and Democratic Legitimacy

His research interests involve causes of immigration policy restrictiveness in OECD countries and the role of news media in politics and society. His research focuses on the politics of financial regulation, with a specific interest in the following domains: accounting standards, banking regulation, and credit rating agencies. He also works for the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy WRR , where he currently works on a project on the contribution of the financial sector to sustainable economic growth. Before that he worked on a project on food policy and a project on the liberalisation and privatisation of public sector activities.

Keywords: international political economy, financial regulation and supervision, liberalisation and privatisation of public services Contact details. The central focus is how far such groups adapt their strategies for influencing policy outcomes to quasi- experimentalist governance processes, and how, in turn, their reaction fosters the functioning of this emerging mode of EU governance. His research focuses on global extractive processes and their local dynamics.

He is particularly interested in the life cycle of coal from its extraction in Colombia to its final consumption in Europe. His research focuses on the impact of remittances on economic-growth in SSA countries, and Rwanda in particular; how institutional and development factors condition the remittance-growth effect in SSA region. Edward further examines the effect of remittances on poverty and other development outcomes in Rwanda.

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His research interests focuses on remittances and economic development; how institutional and development factors mediate remittance-development impact in the recipient countries, institutional economics, policy analysis. Currently, Edward works at Rwanda Development. Prior, he worked in different ministries in Rwanda. Keywords: Remittances, economic development, institutions, poverty, development outcomes. Her research concentrates on the social dynamics of civil wars, with a regional focus on the Sri Lankan conflict. Personal website.

Transnational movements and the question of democracy

Her academic background and working experiences in coastal and fisheries issues in Indonesia have guided her interest to investigate the effectiveness of anti-illegal, unreported and unregulated IUU fishing policies in Indonesia from political perspective. In her research, she is trying to understand how fisheries regime, which consists of different levels of governance, affects the state of IUU fishing in Indonesian waters.

Her research focuses on the longitudinal analysis of board interlock networks. Before joining UvA, she worked in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, studying social and peer influence in various social networks. Keywords: social networks, interlocking directorates, complex systems Personal page. Dawid Walentek is a PhD candidate focusing on economic sanctions.

His research studies the processes underpinning the increasing popularity of economic coercion among policy-makers. Juliette is a postdoctoral researcher. She is part of the Fickleformulas project. He holds a Dr. His research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of International Political Economy, particularly Global Finance concentration of corporate ownership and control, structural power, financialization, hedge funds, offshore financial centers.

He has published a number of peer-reviewed articles on the subjects of hedge funds and offshore finance. Broadly speaking, his research is in the fields of comparative public policy, regulation, and governance within and beyond the EU. He obtained his PhD in computer science at Leiden University, where he is also appointed as a lecturer teaching courses on Business Intelligence and Social Network Analysis. His research focuses on the interactions between public opinion and governance arrangements in times of crisis.

His research focuses on the impact of the EU on the development of social and employment policy in the EU Member States. Profile page. He graduated from the University of Amsterdam in with a thesis examining the interaction of changes in market structures and shifts in patterns of governance, and has been affiliated fellow of PETGOV since.

His research focuses on the International Political Economy of money and finance. His research and teaching focus on grand strategy, with a particular focus on the United States and Europe. In he defended his thesis on how the strategic preferences of policymakers towards force and diplomacy, and their perception of threats, are shaped by war.

Paul van Hooft is also investigating how national security institutions shape the decision-making outcomes of states.

Markus Thiel and Jeffrey Maslanik

The New Transnationalism. Transnational Governance and Democratic Legitimacy. Authors: The Democratic Legitimacy of Intergovernmental Rule- Making. The New Transnationalism: Transnational Governance and Democratic Legitimacy. Book ยท January with 61 Reads. DOI: /

His research interests include the political economy of poverty and inequality, discrimination, redistribution, and conflicts. Keywords: Implicit bias; discrimination; immigration; redistribution; microfoundations of conflicts.

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